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Getting Your Social Media Strategy Right From The Start

  • There are hundreds of articles on the internet about what you should and should not do when it comes to running your own social media marketing. If you have been running your social media campaign for a while now, you have most probably read a lot of content and already taken in a lot of information. If you are just looking to start up your social media campaign then you have yet to absorb all the information out there.


    One Size Does Not Fit All


    Social Media Marketing strategies are like shoes, one size does not fit all. There is so much information out there saying you should post 2 times per day or tweet 8 times per day etc. but this is all generic information. The only thing we know for a fact is that you need to have a social presence and engage with your audience. The thing to think about before deciding how many times you are going to post updates is: Who is your audience?


    First and foremost you need to define whether you are targeting individual people (B2C) or businesses (B2B). Once you have this definition you can start building your strategy around this.


    If we start with B2C this is certainly an easier market and you have to take into consideration their average social media habits for e.g.


    If you are aiming at a younger audience they tend to use social media on a more regular basis, maybe even checking their accounts up to and above 10 times per day. You then need to take into account the average number of friends they may have, the average number of pages they may possibly like and the number of people who they follow.


    We look at this for one simple reason; If they are likely to have a high level of updates on their home feeds then posting an update once per day is more likely to get lost in the masses than stand out in a crowd. For this reason it is advisable to update your status at least 3-4 times per day (you can however post a lot more depending on the content you post)


    Where as in contrast if your target audience is a lot older they may possibly check their accounts only 1-2 times per day, are more likely to have less connections and are more likely to only like pages they are really interested in, therefore their updates on their home feed are going to be a lot less. With this in mind posting updates more than 1-2 times per day could become annoying to them and they may then unlike/unfollow your page.


    Furthermore if we look at B2B then you need a completely different approach and ideally needs to be looked at case by case.


    A couple of scenarios would be:


    Case 1: You have an excellent website and are looking to attract potential advertisers; with this in mind, having a large following on your social media channels is essential to show potential customers that your site is working well with a high level of followers who are more likely to see their adverts. Therefore you not only need to post content attractive to individuals but also content for your potential customers meaning you will need to post updates more regularly. 2-7 posts per day would be suggested.


    Case 2: You are selling an online service to businesses; with this in mind your potential audience is more interested in the quality not quantity of content you offer i.e. that you are an authority in your field. Through this your potential customers will be more likely to follow you and watch what you are posting therefore 1-3 posts per day would be suggested


    Having this in mind when putting together your Social Media Strategy is key, one size fits all is not something that should be used when putting together your strategy. Everything depends on your target market and your product or service.


    Next week we will delve into what content is good content.


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